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National Alliance of Faith and Justice

Contact Information

P.O. Box 77075
Washington, DC 20013 - 8075
(703) 765-4459
Martin Luther King Service Day Initiative 2012

Executive Summary

In alignment with the Strategic Plan of CNCS, the National Alliance of Faith & Justice (NAFJ), a current MLK grant national intermediary, will target 14 states in which to focus upon the award of subgrants to support the improvement of educational outcomes for economically disadvantaged people and HEALTHY FUTURES for some of the nation's most vulnerable students by expanding PENitentiary OR PENCIL(EDUCATION) into new geographic areas; providing resources in local communities which build capacity for the approach; the use of national service on military installations or in adjacent communities to increase educational opportunities for youth in MILITARY FAMILIES on or near three military installations, to include service requirements to plan activities which assist wounded service members and to engage youth whose families are on overseas tours, and youth who comprise National Guard and Reserve families using strategies which reflect upon the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King as a rationale for service. For each year of service as an MLK intermediary, NAFJ has exhibited direct leadership amongst grantees in understanding and conveying the life and teachings of Dr. King as a civil rights activist, humanitarian, advocate for justice, and in his primary role as a clergy. Both the White House and CNCS have used NAFJ's MLK Day of Service subgrant strategy and replication of PEN OR PENCIL as a national model and example for the White House Corporate Mentoring Strategy on Academic Enhancement and Reduction of Delinquency and Violence as well as SOLELY among other MLK intermediaries in national teleconference calls as a model to engage of new and diverse groups to apply grant resources towards investment in community solutions.

Award Information

Application ID: 12MK131008
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