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University of Oregon

Contact Information

University Of Oregon - Sps
5219 University Of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403 - 5219
(541) 346-3881
Commission AmeriCorps State Fixed Amount Grants FY 2012

Executive Summary

Twenty five AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 1000 volunteers to address community development and natural resource issues in rural Oregon. Beginning in September 2012, the members will increase capacity in rural Oregon to complete projects such stream clean ups, downtown beautification and streetscapes, community gardens and trail building. This project will focus on the CNCS focus area of capacity building. The CNCS investment of $209,517 will be matched with $510,508. This program, administered by the University of Oregon, serves as an intermediary so that small organizations in rural and remote Oregon that could not support an entire AmeriCorps program, can still access AmeriCorps members.

Award Information

Application ID: 12ES141778
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 10FXHOR0010002
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