Colorado Youth Corps Association

Contact Information

1640 Grant St
Ste 210
Denver, CO 80203 - 1640
(303) 863-0602
Commission Competitive Education Awards Program FY 2012

Executive Summary

298 members enrolled in Colorado youth corps will complete land, water, and energy conservation service projects focused on trail enhancement and forest health, or participate in public lands internships. Members will also engage in job-readiness, lifeskills, civic engagement, and environmental education activities to advance their preparedness for the world of work. At the conclusion of the program, members will have enhanced 50 miles of trail and improved 150 acres of local, state or federal land. This project addresses the CNCS Focus Area of Environmental Stewardship but will also contribute to the members' development and prepare them for careers and continuing education.

Award Information

Application ID: 12ES133481
CNCS Award Amount:
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