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Jefferson County Public Schools

Contact Information

PO Box 34020
Louisville, KY 40232 - 4020
(502) 485-3926
Commission AmeriCorps State Fixed Amount Grants FY 2012

Executive Summary

Ready to Extend A Caring Hand (REACH) Corps will provide 20 full-time AmeriCorps Members to mentor students in 10 elementary and 10 middle schools in the Jefferson County Public Schools district in Louisville, Kentucky. The project addresses the CNCS Tier 1 Priority National Performance Measures in Education. REACH Corps Members will provide early interventions for at-risk elementary and middle school students who are showing signs of chronic absenteeism and are at risk of disengaging from school and eventually dropping out of school. Each Member will mentor 20 targeted students who had 7 to 15 unexcused absences in the previous year. The one-on-one youth/mentor matches will begin in September and will be sustained throughout the school year. Youth involved in the project will improve their school attendance over the course of the REACH Corps involvement with the student. Each member will also recruit a minimum of 16 community volunteers for their school site for a total of 320 volunteers recruited each year. The REACH Corps is a fixed amount grant application of $13,000 per MSY for a total CNCS investment of $260,000 for 20 MSYs.

Award Information

Application ID: 12ES133216
CNCS Award Amount:
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