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Executive Summary

MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) is a program designed to improve disaster readiness at the neighborhood by teaching neighbors to rely on each other during the critical first hours of a disaster response.

MYN is award-winning, most recently receiving the 2011 FEMA Challenge Award and the 2012 FEMA Innovative Training and Education Program Award.

MYN is proven in actual disasters, including the 1989 Loma Prieta and the 2001 Nisqually (Seattle) earthquakes.

Because of MYN's ease of implementation, 34 states are in various stages of using it to increase the preparedness of their citizens and the disaster readiness of their neighborhoods.


To enable neighborhoods across the country to successfully complete MYN's Table Top Exercise


Utilizing established MYN contacts in state and local governments, develop a table top exercise for neighborhoods to exercise MYN's core components: the 9-Step Response Plan, the Neighborhood Gathering Site, the Neighborhood Care Center, and the Neighborhood Map indicating key utility locations and the homes where those with specific needs reside


34 states, including WA, OR, CA, IL, MA, OK, SC, UT, NY, and VA


Neighbors in hundreds of MYN neighborhoods nationwide

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