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The Campus Kitchens Project, Inc.

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19 I St NW
Washington, DC 20001 - 1425
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FY 2012 National Day of Service and Remembrance Grants

Executive Summary

The Campus Kitchens Project, Communities United in Service

In communities across the United States people are facing a myriad of problems ranging from disaster recovery to hunger relief and the need to develop new jobs to steady the economy. Volunteerism and Service can help solve these issues with innovation solutions and collaboration. However, there is also a need to inspire youth involvement as we address issues facing our country. Many youth possess the desire to serve but are often discouraged by their lack of experience and access. The Campus Kitchens Project will use our programs to bring students, nonprofit organizations and community members to the table to address prominent community needs. We are a student-powered hunger relief organization that partners with schools to engage youth in leading hunger relief programs through the sharing of on-campus kitchen space, food recovery from cafeterias, and the delivery of meals to low-income neighbors. As students provide nutritious, accessible food, they learn socially-conscious leadership skills and develop holistic programs to address hunger, poverty, and economic hardships faced by US communities.

With Corporation support, we will highlight September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance and focus on activities that strengthen communities, improve lives, and foster engagement.

* Each year sub-grant funding to 10-15 community based organizations to engage local volunteers in service projects and civic dialogue. Our focus will be to mix of existing Campus Kitchens (at least 5) who will create service projects to engage college and high school students across the country; with community nonprofits who will generate community based impact and leverage relationships to develop service projects.

* Engage two premier partners who will utilize existing networks of community volunteers to engage at least 2,500 volunteers in hunger relief and disaster recovery programming on 9/11.

Our premier partners

* Numana, Inc. in El Dorado, Kansas

* The Campus Kitchen at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee and their partners in the Community Action Network (CAN) and the Long Term Recovery Organization (LTRO)

* Engage 5,000 college and community volunteers on 9/11/2012 who are engaged in community service projects across the country. For 9/11/2013, we hope to have at least 7,500 volunteers engaged in projects.

* Promote volunteerism and service as an everyday activity by promoting Service as a Solution programming. Using tabling events, online volunteer sign up and highlighting MLK Day of Service as a second opportunity to participate in a national day of service; we hope to build capacity for our sub-grantees and increase volunteerism by 10% throughout the year. We will be surveying our partners to determine the level of engagement from September 2012 through August 2014.

* We will be focusing on the 20 states CKP currently works in, Kansas, Georgia, Washington, DC, Utah, Nevada, and California. CKP has had success in sub-granting for MLK Day of Service grants in all of these states and has a pool of grantee candidates.

Award Information

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