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Frederick County Government

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12 E Church St
Frederick, MD 21701 - 5402
(600) 301-1074
FY 2012 National Day of Service and Remembrance Grants

Executive Summary


Assessing and providing for the needs of the aging population in Frederick County

FULL ACCESS FOR SENIORS respectfully requests consideration of The Corporation for National and Community Service for grant funds to support a program that endeavors to build capacity for the Department of Aging. We intend to increase services, by performing a needs assessment to determine the greatest areas of need for seniors in Frederick County and collaborating with other agencies to avoid duplication of services and provide better service coordination. By creating a volunteer program that addresses the current needs and incorporates the future needs of the senior population that will sustain itself after the grant period is over. Build partnerships with untapped potential volunteers from Ft. Dietrick and county agencies. Coordinate events throughout the area that honor victims of the 911 tragedy and their families with service to the community.

According to the Comprehensive Plan for Frederick County published in 2010 it is estimated that by the YEAR 2015, THE 55 AND OLDER POPULATION OF FREDERICK COUNTY WILL OUTNUMBER CHILDREN IN SCHOOL.

Because the county is so large in terms of land mass, our seniors are harder to reach and provide needed services, it is imperative that we provide services in satellite areas throughout the county to reach the urban population of seniors. In order to facilitate such programs we depend heavily on volunteers. The agencies in the county realize that taking care of the seniors in this county is not a job for one agency, but requires collaboration.

By the year 2015 the 55 and the older population will outnumber the school-aged population by a ratio of 1:1.14. The growth in the elderly segments of the population is being felt nationally and has raised many concerns over the future needs, and the ability of the nation to support such an increase in this segment of the population.

FULL ACCESS FOR SENIORS will endeavor to build capacity for the Department of Aging in Frederick County and its partners. By utilizing a needs assessment to determine the agencies strengths and weaknesses and by sharing the results and collaborating with other agencies, we can avoid duplication of service and provide better service coordination. We will also reinvent our current volunteer program to address the findings to incorporate the current and future needs of the senior population in our county. In September we will declare a day of service where we will recruit community agencies and volunteers to join in our efforts to impact the community through service and volunteering to honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and those who rose in service as a result of that tragedy.

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Application ID: 12BI138220
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