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8300 Medeiros Way
Sacramento, CA 95829 - 8164
(916) 718-2202
FY 2012 National Day of Service and Remembrance Grants

Executive Summary

State of Being, Inc.(Agency), Veterans and Military Families Program

National Day of Service (NDS) Remembrance Project

Executive Summary: Our goals are; to develop in Sacramento County, tow temporary safe housing opportunities that can house 5 to 8 homeless women veterans and/ rehabilitate 12 homes for women veterans or military families whose homes have come under unsafe disrepair; and to identify war injured veterans where home modifications would help him/her to continue to enjoy the use of the home to the fullest extent possible. The Agency will use up to 300 community volunteers. Additionally, we will identify and use 12 at-risk or unemployed or underemployed youth and youthful offenders and unemployed veterans to provide the needed services throughout the year. Structured teaching and close supervision, will impart onto this group home repair techniques and experience that they can use to obtain gainful employment. Although this would be a year-round project, we will place particular emphasis, through media campaigns, on organizing community/veteran involvement in addressing the needs through volunteering during days in close proximity to, September 11, 2012. At a minimum, three such homes will be scheduled for rehabilitation during this time period. Each volunteer will be limited to an 8 hour work period so as to maximize volunteering involvement for the duration of a job.

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Application ID: 12BI138212
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