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Office of the Arizona Attorney General

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1275 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007 - 2926
(602) 542-6903
FY 2012 National Day of Service and Remembrance Grants

Executive Summary


After making immense sacrifices to serve our country, military troops and their families often experience significant stress and confusion in re-integrating to civilian life. The way in which they respond to this stress and confusion can markedly impact their quality of life.

Common stressors center on social service networking, education, employment, and family financial decision-making. The goal of this statewide program is to marginalize the stressors that Arizona military service members and their families experience when re-integrating as civilians.

Program objectives include spreading awareness concerning the needs of re-integrating military service members, veterans and their families; enlisting at least 100 volunteers in community organizations designed to assist military service members; making employment opportunities available to this population; and educating troops and their families on practical financial decision-making.

Major program components include a Day of Remembrance to honor Arizona's fallen heroes; a readiness workshop to connect this population with education institutions and social service organizations, as well as assist with preparing for employment opportunities; a statewide jobs fair; and follow-up financial training sessions.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office will lead a coalition of instrumental government agencies, along with non-profit and private sector partners to plan and implement this statewide program.

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