Here-in Our Motives Evolve, Inc.

Contact Information

566 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02118 - 1181
(617) 427-4663
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2012

Executive Summary

Fifteen AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 50 volunteers to provide media technology programming in Boston, Chelsea and Somerville schools and community based sites. At the end of the three year grant period, 3,000 youth will have completed 1 semester (15 weeks of school year participation, and or 6 weeks of summer participation) of media technology programming and demonstrate improved academic engagement as indicated by having 3000 students enroll in the program, with 20% improvement in school attendance, and 90% completing the program. This project will focus on the CNCS focus area of Education-Student Engagement. The CNCS investment of $199,500 will be matched with $131,606.

Award Information

Application ID: 12AC136214
CNCS Award Amount:
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