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Earth Care International

Contact Information

6600 Valentine Way
Bldg A
Santa Fe, NM 87507 - 7314
(505) 983-6896
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2012

Executive Summary

Earth Care (EC) will train and place 38 AmeriCorps Members who will leverage an additional 600 volunteers to address food security and obesity and alleviate long-term hunger by delivering food, nutrition & environmental education to low-income children and adults; building community gardens; and supporting the production and procurement of high-quality foods for families through schools, nonprofits, and government agencies. At the end of the 11-month period, Members will have improved food access and self-reliance for low-income families, increased urban food production, and raised awareness about food choices and their impact on health and the environment. This program will focus on the CNCS areas of Environmental Stewardship and Healthy Futures. The CNCS investment of $303,144 will be matched with $96,664.

Award Information

Application ID: 12AC134190
CNCS Award Amount:
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