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Nooksack Indian Tribe

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PO Box 157
5016 Mount Baker Hwy
Deming, WA 98244 - 0157
(360) 592-5176 3287
AmeriCorps Indian Tribes FY 2011 (New)

Executive Summary

A. Executive Summary

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The NIT Tribe AmeriCorps Youth Corps Project will feature four (4) crews of five (5) members each focused in on crosscutting youth problems -- Facilities, Transportation, Academic and Personal Achieve and Employment and Training described below: The NIT Youth Corp would be a work force trained and dedicated to the educational, social and economic development of the Nooksack Indian Tribal Community. The NIT Youth Crop would provide vital linkage between professional service providers and community members who need professional services.

Design and Construction Crew: To enable youth to support and build sustainable community design and facility construction -- Projects that support sustainable community design and facility construction. First Projects: Tribal Education Department and Tribal Group Home and Tribal NIT AmeriCorps NIT Youth Corps Offices.

Youth Transportation Crew: To reduce youth isolation and increase positive community connections -- First Projects: Projects that provide transportation for youths and instruction in automotive maintenance and repair and safe and sober highway operations.

Youth Achievement Crew: To enable youth to achieve academic, social and personal development goals they have as a part of their personal development and goal they have chosen and set for themselves. First Project: Youth Tutorial Project and Projects that support the academic, social and personal development goals of Tribal youth.

Youth Career and Employment Crew: To enable youth to set realistic and achievable career goals and participate in local youth after-school and summer employment project. First Projects: Career Plan developed for all Native students attending Mt. Bake and Nooksack Valley School Districts, After School and Summer Youth Employment Programs.

The NIT Americorps Program will be over seen by a competent staff and by a Project advisory Board composed of the Directors of the Nooksack Tribal Education Department, Planning Department and Tribal Works Department. AmeriCorps Members will be supervised and trained by Tribal staff with demonstrated expertise in these Facility Design and Construction, Community Based Transportations systems, Prescriptive Remedial Teaching models and Career education resources and materials.

One of the first projects that will be undertaken is the assumption of the Nooksack Timberline Youth Facility which has been recently secured by the Nooksack Tribe through a lease purchase arrangement. The Timberline Facility will house the Tribal education department the Tribal Group for Foster Children and the home of the Nooksack Tribal Americorps Program. The Timeline facility is formally a private school campus which has the capacity to accommodate up to 96 persons. This facility is located on the Mission Road within the traditional services area for the Nooksack Tribe.

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