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AmeriCorps National Direct FY 2011(New)

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Love, Light & Laughter, Inc. is a small non-profit stress-relief retreat house formed in October, 2007, that presently serves charitable status and working-class persons. Our mission is to provide a safe, and restorative place to retreat, heal and rebound with an emphasis on substance abuse relapse prevention.

We are prompted to redirect our focus group to target the critical shortage of existing Women Veterans transitional housing in view of ongoing U.S. wartime deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan.

As a nation, we are facing unprecented numbers of returning female Veterans while existing shelter and group home services provided by traditional government agencys and community service organizations are largely geared toward the physical and psychological needs of men. It is widely agreed that many of the potential health issues associated with Women Veterans are idealy addressed separately from men: specifically; post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and adjustment disorders--sexual trauma; undocumented combat stress; and hidden substance use.

Our retreat house is available for immediate placement of Women Veterans and is positioned to accommodate children as well. Depending on length of stay; there are excellent local public schools within walking distance for Women Veterans responsible for child rearing during transition.

We wish to dedicate our services entirely to those who have sacrificed so greatly for us to be able to have such a facility to offer. It is clear that we, as a society, cannot afford to extend anything less in terms of support than these phenomenal women have extended to us with their very lives. We firmly believe their greatest potential to grow and thrive and contribute remains ahead of them.

We respectfully accept the charge of providing the opporutnity for these women to de-stress, and connect with and make use of the way of life they have served to protect.

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