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8 Penn Center, 1628 John F. Kennedy Blvd
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Philadelphia, PA 19103 - 0000
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AmeriCorps National Planning Grant FY 2011

Executive Summary

CORE proposes to implement a shift in the paradigm of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education that offers transformative potential for urban school districts. Instead of the commonly accepted view that a baccalaureate degree in science is an individual accomplishment, we assert rather that science education is an achievement that involves the student and his or her family, school, and community. Therefore, we intend to prepare students, especially minority students, for jobs in science by implementing a new degree program in environmental science that builds upon three distinct approaches that consider the student in relation to his or her broader context.

These approaches have been well documented, but have not been previously brought together in this way to meet the needs of our target population. Our S2P2 program utilizes the community context in developing a citywide asset map of STEM activities and opportunities for high school students interested in developing strengths in STEM work readiness and academic learning activities. Our rationale for this planning grant is to use AmeriCorps members to engage in the day-to-day effort necessary to build relationships with private & academic research labs and nonprofit & higher education communities. Our goal is to develop the asset map contents and to build a knowledge base of apprenticeship opportunities for our STEM Scholars in each city during their summer months leading up to and through high school graduation.

Award Information

Application ID: 11ND123245
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