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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill HQ

Contact Information

104 Airport Dr., Suite 2200
CB 1350
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 - 1350
(919) 962-2240
AmeriCorps National Fixed Amount Grants FY 2011 (New)

Executive Summary

Nearly 25% of low-income, first-generation-college students who score in the top quartile on standardized tests never go to college. The National College Advising Corps works to increase the number of students who enter and complete higher education by hiring and training recent college graduates to work in high-need, underserved high schools throughout the country. We provide the assistance and support students need to navigate the complex processes of college admissions and financial aid.

Award Information

Application ID: 11ED125689
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 11EDHNC001
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