Healthcare Consortium of Illinois

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1350 E Sibley Blvd
Ste 303
Dolton, IL 60419 - 3060
(708) 841-9515 2489
Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

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Healthcare Consortium of Illinois

1350 E. Sibley Blvd.

Dolton, IL 60419

The Healthcare Consortium of Illinois (HCI) a community based non profit organization whose mission is to improve the health of families through the development of comprehensive, integrated health and human service delivery systems". Created in 1991, by four hospitals (Chicago Osteopathic, St. Bernard, Cook County and Provident Hospitals) to respond to what was increasingly viewed as a fragmented, duplicative and inefficient service delivery system within health care.

HCI is an organization comprised of a full spectrum of health and human services providers, and faith based organizations. Membership consists 37 various organizations such as hospitals, clinics, doctors, behavioral health, child welfare, allied health and consumer advocacy groups in a collaborative forum. For the last 20 years HCI has become a strong voice for the southeast Chicagoland and the south suburban communities.

HCI submits this application for funding in the sum of 250,000.00 to increase the capacity of their General Assembly Program (GAP) by servicing 25 more organizations throughout 23 south suburban cities. Budget cuts throughout the state of Illinois' have caused many social service agencies to close. Remaining agencies struggle to provide services with fewer funds.

GAP's purpose is a contribute to "Healthy Future"; through facilitating monthly informational meetings, educational seminars, health fairs, food pantries, healthcare walks for various causes, and town hall meetings, which focus on health and social concerns; the program will identify and address the multiple topics surrounding health and human service. HCI's goal, through GAP, is to provide access to health care and create opportunity for collaboration with communities and non profit organizations. GAP's purpose is to become the link /gap between communities' needs, political leaders, and human service agencies.

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