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Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Title: Nonprofit Capacity Building--Developing and Implementing Comprehensive Performance Management Systems for Homeless Serving Agencies

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Center of Public and Nonprofit Management

Department of Public Administration

University of Central Florida

HPA 2-238, Orlando, Florida 32816-1395

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Program Description:

This program will develop and implement comprehensive performance management systems for small and mid-size nonprofit organizations in the central Florida region that work to address economic opportunities, health concerns, and educational challenges of individuals and families confronting homelessness. The organizations will be trained to develop (1) performance goals and objectives aligned with organizational goals and missions in each service area, (2) performance measures specifically designed for each service area, (3) data collection methods and instruments, (4) data storage mechanisms and technologies. Performance data of the organizations will be collected. The organizations will be trained to conduct performance analysis that describes, monitors, analyzes, and evaluates performance data for performance improvement and accountability purposes.

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Application ID: 11CB131334
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