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Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary


TITLE: Strengthening the Capacity of the Heart of Rural America:

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Stations

INTERMEDIARY: Future Generations Graduate School is the sole intermediary and is located in Franklin, West Virginia.

SUMMARY: Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squads are the backbone of America's rural communities. Arguably, no community-based organization is more important. This grant makes these squads stronger'across the State of West Virginia where only 3 of the 55 counties have a median household income above 200% of the federal poverty level. This project builds the capacity of squads to ensure they can continue providing emergency services and allow them to do more in their communities. They want to be a part of strengthening their communities through emergency preparedness, health promotion, and youth engagement.

This project will compile a training toolkit designed specifically for volunteer fire and rescue squads with four modules on performance management systems, grant writing, financial management, and compliance with tax laws. Training will be delivered using an interactive online platform. Currently, Future Generations partners with 50 (soon to be 60) volunteer squads across the state to establish and operate public computer centers in their community rooms. These 60 well-distributed computer centers will serve as access points for computer and broadband access.

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Future Generations will serve rural communities throughout West Virginia.

NUMBER OF NONPROFITS: Future Generations will open organizational development training to all 433 volunteer fire and rescue stations in West Virginia.

GRANT REQUEST: A grant of $244,369 is requested that, along with a 100% match, will result in a total two-year budget of $488,738.

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Application ID: 11CB131282
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