Madison-Tallulah Education Center

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101 Travis Street
Tallulah, LA 71282 - 2527
(318) 574-1587
Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary

Madison-Tallulah Education Center

Capacity Building

Executive Summary

Name and location of sole or lead intermediary:

Madison-Tallulah Education Center (M-TEC) Tallulah, Louisiana

A brief summary of your program proposal including your overall objective(s) and key methodologies or strategies you are proposing to use to accomplish your objective(s)

Madison-Tallulah Education Center will work with partner organizations to provide nonprofits that serve the educational, financial and health needs of Louisiana with performance management coaching and technical assistance. M-TEC's goal is to provide assistance to improve the sustainability of and expand services provided by small and midsize nonprofits facing resource hardship challenges. M-TEC will provide sub-awardees with assistance to establish procedures for measuring progress and improving performance towards intended outcomes leading to community impact. In building capacity, we will address Performance Measure System. To strengthen the sub-awardees infrastructure, we will engage in a ten-step organizational development process that results in solid organizational infrastructures and strong programs. 1. Outreach; 2. Initial Consultation; 3. Proposal; 4.Contract; 5. Pre-assessment; 6. Personalized Capacity Building Plan; 7. Service Delivery; 8.Peer Mentoring; 9. Monitoring; and 10. Evaluation/Post Assessment. Ultimately, at the end of the project the sub-awardees will have developed a blueprint for a Performance Management system, including determining the results to be measured, selecting performance measures, developing a plan for using the data to inform management decisions and drafting a sample data report.

The geographic area(s) or communities you are proposing to serve ;

State of Louisiana

The number of small and midsize nonprofits you plan to serve

20 small and midsize nonprofits organizations

Identify the grant amount you are requesting


Award Information

Application ID: 11CB131195
CNCS Award Amount:
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