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The C. Duncan Sr Foundation For Mother's Children & Families

Contact Information

1900 S Harbor City Blvd
Ste 110
Melbourne, FL 32901 - 4725
(321) 300-4604
Presidents Volunteer Service Award Program FY 2011

Executive Summary

Executive Summary.

The C. Duncan Sr. Foundation For Mother's, Children & Families Inc. is a non-profit organization located in the State of Florida the foundation specializes in the support and help other smaller non 'profit organizations by planning fundraisers, but more indefinitely the foundation sets its focus on helping families and protecting America's most vulnerable assets, our children.

Here is Brevard County Florida, The C. Duncan Sr. Foundation (bka) The CDSR Foundation, has made it a duty and necessities to network and join forces, with several other organizations including our Local and state colleges, county government and municipal city governments throughout the county, not to mention our local school board. Organizations such as PAL, The Fraternal Order Of Police, Brevard County School Board, United Way Of Brevard and many more.

Since becoming a certifying organization for The President's Volunteer Service award at the Beginning of July 2011, We have spent countless hours drafting and formulated innovative ways to advertising and publicize the program and why you should get involved, this includes informational brochure development (in various languages), website and web portals, social network development, not limited to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn, attractive customized letters to gain involvement, including seeking approval to enhance the package that will be given out to achievers of this award. Since becoming a certifying organization, myself along with our board developed 5 objectives for success. These are the same objective goals in which we will utilize for the success of administering this program across the nation.

1) Informative Exposure To Public & College Level Students

2) Servicing National Days Of Service By Putting On Events To Celebrate That Day.

3) Increase The Awareness and Attractiveness Of This Prestigious Honor By A Web and Ad Council/YouTube Campaign.

4) Obtain approval to produce an additional award piece to coupled with the existing award package received

5) Hold 6 volunteer Seminars Every Quarter in various cities across the nation to teach about the importance of volunteering and community service.

Measurable Goals:

Since becoming a certifying organization for the PVSA program, our commitment to this development has been steadfast, within 7 days of receiving approval to give this award, our design team created full color tri fold brochures in 3 languages including English and Spanish, an innovative website and information hub, following that printing over 300,000 pieces of literature, including letters, brochures, applications, and other informative literature at hand for review, all slated to be introduced in September of this year. Based on this development we can now initiate measurable goals to administer this program across the nation. We see it very possible to increase the awareness of this program and administer it across the nation with these exact methods, simply by increasing the volume of distribution, targeting non-profit organizations and other companies that have a job description in community focused achievement or help.

The key strategy to bring awareness and to boost the participation across the nation, will start with letters and calls to non profits across the nation, who have a track recorded of leading participation and initiatives in volunteer services, in the arenas of health, community service, education in addition to those who focus on military aid initiatives. These calls and letters via mail, will send a very informative package to these non-profits asking for there participation and bring focus to the website, directing them to learn more about this unique opportunity.

To continue we have drafted many concepts and ideas for our ad council/ YouTube video campaign, so far we have used existing service videos made by the Corporation for

National and Community Service to display the importance of pulling together for

volunteer services to build America, in addition to this one key video is missing, in 2009

the initiative was launched in a video message by our 44th President, telling America we need to get on track and serve, however we feel that there is a key component missing and that is the incentive behind serving, most people are taught, even as a child that you are praised or rewarded for the good things that you do and or accomplished, that doesn't change much once we get older, for our new ad campaign, we would like to see a high level corporation officer or in fact or our President in a short message to the people of America to get out and participate, diligently we understand that they president himself is not handing out the award that that will be clearly outlined, however with his co-sign on this program, it will be greater awareness. In addition to this video we have been compiling a videos that outline and marks different points and changes to the foundation of this program and why it is so important for us to get up and serve.

As a part of our focus to advertise widely, we will focus on holding seminars across the nation in various cities to speak on the benefits on volunteering your time to help another. We will choose accessible locations, which are both accessible to persons with disability and also those along public transportation routes, not limited to high school auditoriums and other venues, accessible to the public on weekends, there will be no cost associated to attend these seminars. These seminars will address the needs of the community or region in which we are holding the seminar in, special guest and area leaders including area organizations will be invited to speak on various topics, we plan to host and hold (6) per quarter for the first year and then (3) per quarter for the years to follow. This will give extra assurance to the implementation of the program across the Nation.

We find it practical to bring awareness to this award simply by targeting the ones who we believe would take advantage of the opportunity presented. Our main targeted group will be the educational facilities throughout the Nation, we believe that when we market to target these individuals that it will create a workforce beyond the nations imagination.

Concepts of 4 Phases of Marketing have been strategically planned;

Phase 1 of Marketing, will start with informative literature and will follow with, templates being available to all certifying organizations, and those who are leadership organizations, these templates will all be alike which will not only brand and create a strong appearance for the program, but will always remain uniformed throughout the nation, Templates will be rendered in word files making it easy to input and customize to fit an organizations edits if any.

Phase 2 of Marketing, will include a series of 5 Commercials, we will seek support through municipalities across the nation along with the ad council, these commercials will run in a campaign, for the first 9 months of the campaign, televised across the nation also injunction with a joint campaign on various social networks, in which we will use YouTube, and face book to bring awareness, in-sync with this we will formulate scripts for PSA announcements, advertising this opportunity with FM and AM stations across the nation. In addition to this, Phase 2 of marketing, will focus on a new website to display this prestige award in a way that will attract the nations web users and participants not limited to existing or proposed certifying organizations. This web site will be fully integrated for users to build a profile and track their service, in addition to certifying organizations purchasing awards in a shopping cart e-commerce feature.

Phase 3 of Marketing, will focus on protocols and procedures for non-profit/service organizations through training and updates, webinars twice a month and conference calls once a month, these tools will be used to educate certifying organizations or proposed organizations who are interested in serving their community through this initiative.

Phase 4 of Marketing, will be to implement and organize with the help of organizations around the nation, events to highlight national days of services to bring awareness to the importance of serving the community. We are determined to find the way to make sure that everyone is helping to make a difference, we will make sure that we are making a huge impact in the nation by putting on these fun-filled and informative events.

Our Goal for service in fiscal year one of distribution is to award 200,000 awards on the minimum and 255,000 on the maximum. Which will be between a 48% -88% Increase from previous years statistics, following an increase of 5% -7% for the years to follow.

We are requesting the full amount of the grant available $150,000.00, this amount of funding will allow us to implement a strong campaign to call volunteers all round the nation. Following this we will rely on orders and other sources of funding that will be raised and budgeted to support this program and other associated cost of this program.

Award Information

Application ID: 11BI131591
CNCS Award Amount:
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