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Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2011

Executive Summary

The Utah AmeriCorps Education Initiative (UAEI), formerly known as the Utah AmeriCorps Literacy Initiative, in concert with Ogden City School District, acting as fiscal agent, submits this application to fund the Literacy and Math Tutoring Program and commits its leadership and staff to administering a quality program that is cost effective and will benefit at least 7000 children in the state of Utah who are not proficient in their reading and math skills. Our schools face challenges from all directions. Within our organization we have Ogden District, located in a federally designated enterprise zone, with its rising urban poverty and mobility rate of 85-90% of its school aged population each year and rural schools, such as Duchesne and Carbon Districts, with their unique situation of small numbers of staff and support services, isolated locations and depressed economies. We also serve the Goshute tribe, whose reservation is located in a desolate section of western Utah, and Ute tribe children in our schools in eastern Utah. Each has come together to address a growing challenge to improve reading and math skills of students in grades 1-6. The federal legislation, No Child Left Behind, has had a significant impact in guiding our organization in addressing issues of accountability and improved student learning. To help meet this challenge, the initiative has expanded its scope of influence into the area of math and will use its past history of success in developing and implementing tutoring programs in literacy to initiate a strong support math program in schools. To better represent the organization, the name has been changed to the Utah AmeriCorps Education Initiative. This program will provide well-trained, competent AmeriCorps members who will 1) mobilize local community volunteers to serve as literacy and math tutors, focusing on college students and baby boomers; 2) assist in improving instruction for the most at risk youth living in poverty, struggling with English as a Second Language and performing below grade level in reading and/or math; 3) organize after school programs for homework help; and 4) engage and motivate students to volunteer within their school and community. This effort will impact 120 schools where members will recruit at least 7000 volunteers who tutor at-risk youth. This will result in raising students' end of year reading and/or math assessment scores and increasing individual skill levels as assessed by pre and post testing methods. Families of the participating students will be supported through providing homework help in after school settings. Members will also organize a literacy and a math family night at each school where parents will be given information and strategies to help their struggling students. The UAEI Advisory Board will act as the governing body for the administration of this grant. Members serving on the board are representative of the districts whose schools will be host sites for the program and they are functioning in curriculum positions in their districts in which they supervise math curriculum as well as reading. Gloria Skanchy, AmeriCorps Program Director, who has been successful implementing this AmeriCorps program for the past 6 years, will administer the program. This multi-site program will have district and school administrators acting as on-site supervisors. Generally, members will recruit, train and schedule volunteers and will directly assess and tutor children. The volunteer spirit in alive in Utah. Parents are eager to get involved in their child's education in a significant way. The establishment of the Literacy and Math Tutoring Program will provide an organized and systematic way for parents to help their child at home and school, if they choose to volunteer.

Award Information

Application ID: 11AC124486
CNCS Award Amount: $0.00
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