Make the Road New York

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301 Grove St
Brooklyn, NY 11237 - 5664
(718) 418-7690 206
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2011

Executive Summary

MRNY is the largest participatory immigrant organization in New York City with more than 8,000 members. With vibrant community centers in the immigrant neighborhoods of Bushwick, Brooklyn; Jackson Heights, Queens; and Port Richmond, Staten Island; MRNY gives voice to thousands of Latino immigrants and their families. The organization?s agenda is driven by member priorities, and our holistic approach to supporting members? needs is designed to develop those individuals as independent advocates and leaders in securing lasting improvements for their communities.

MRNY employs a multi-faceted approach to poverty relief and community empowerment. For community residents, MRNY is a one-stop shop where they can access the education and services they need, become involved in making systemic changes to benefit their community, and give their children access to quality programming and academic support. Our offices are easily accessible, our programming is culturally relevant, and our staff is representative of the immigrant populations we serve.

Our Americorps Program will recruit from our active membership base in the communities we serve. Our members experience the issues facing our communities as an interwoven tapestry of challenges -- the same individuals struggle with failing schools, lack of access to much-needed survival services, and lack of economic opportunities. The program model we are proposing will strategically deploy a team of Americorps members from our communities to address each of these challenges, but will also bring them together for structured collective opportunities to learn from one another, support one another's efforts, and inform one another's long-term visions for how they will participate in making the changes that our communities need.

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