Phoenix Houses of New York, Inc.

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Phoenix Houses of New York, Inc.
50 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 - 1144
(718) 222-6600 8435
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2011

Executive Summary

Underage/binge drinking and abuse of illegal and prescription drugs are widespread among New York State youth and young adults; 160,000 adolescents age 12-17 already have a substance abuse disorder, putting them at high risk for long-term substance abuse problems, school drop-out and unemployment, early arrests and detention. Sixty (60) Phoenix House Youth Services Corps members will serve youth and young adults (ages 14-24) at risk for chronic substance abuse by supporting the prevention and treatment efforts of youth service agencies across New York State. Members will directly support youth engagement and enrollment in services, and the provision of auxiliary services as well as youth engagement in community service. These activities will lead to a reduction in youth substance use, gang involvement, and arrests. Phoenix House has a strong record of successfully operating AmeriCorps programs and is a highly regarded provider of substance abuse prevention and treatment.

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Application ID: 11AC122904
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