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State Service Commissions

State Commission Name
Alabama Serve Alabama: the Governors Office of Faith-based and Volunteer Service
Jon Mason
Alaska Serve Alaska
Paula Pawlowski
Executive Director
American Samoa The American Samoa Special Service Commission is currently inactive. For information on AmeriCorps grant opportunities in American Samoa please contact by email.
American Samoa Special Service Commission
Arizona Arizona Governor's Commission on Service and Volunteerism
Bob Shogren
Executive Director
Arkansas Arkansas Service Commission
Will Roark
Program Administrator
California California Volunteers
Karen Baker
Chief Service Officer
Colorado Serve Colorado
Jennifer Jones
Executive Director
Connecticut Connecticut Commission on Community Service
Jacqueline Johnson
Executive Director
Delaware Governor's Commission on Community & Volunteer Service
Luz Vasquez-Guzman
Executive Director
District of Columbia Serve DC - Mayor's Office on Volunteerism
Delano Hunter
Executive Director & Chief Service Officer
Florida Volunteer Florida
Chester Spellman
Chief Executive Officer
Georgia Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism
Linda Thompson
Executive Director
Guam Serve Guam! Commission/Guam Dept. of Labor
Doris Aguon
SGC Executive Director
Hawaii Hawai'i Commission on National and Community Service
Stacy Higa
Executive Director
Idaho Serve Idaho
Renee Bade
Executive Director
Illinois Serve Illinois
Scott McFarland
Executive Director
Indiana Serve Indiana
Marc McAleavey
State Service Director
Iowa Volunteer Iowa
Adam Lounsbury
Executive Director
Kansas Kansas Volunteer Commission
Jessica Noble
Executive Director
Kentucky Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service
Joseph Bringardner
Executive Director
Louisiana Volunteer Louisiana
Judd Jeansonne
Executive Director
Maine Maine Commission for Community Service
Maryalice Crofton
Executive Director
Maryland Maryland Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism
Jeffrey Griffin
Massachusetts Massachusetts Service Alliance
Emily Haber
Chief Executive Officer
Michigan Michigan Community Service Commission
Ginna Holmes
Executive Director
Minnesota ServeMinnesota
Audrey Suker
Chief Executive Officer
Mississippi Volunteer Mississippi
David Mallery
Executive Director
Missouri Missouri Community Service Commission
Don Stamper
Executive Director
Montana Governor's Office of Community Service
Dan Ritter
Executive Director
Nebraska ServeNebraska, the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission
Cathleen Plager
Executive Director
Nevada Nevada Volunteers
Amber Martin-Jahn
Executive Director
New Hampshire Volunteer NH!
Gretchen Berger-Wabuti
Executive Director
New Jersey New Jersey Commission on National and Community Service
Rowena Madden
Executive Director
New Mexico New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism
Samuel Sokolove
Executive Director
New York New York Commission for National & Community Service
Linda Cohen
Executive Director
North Carolina North Carolina Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service
Jeff Mixon
Executive Director
North Dakota North Dakota State Commission on National and Community Service
Wayde Sick
Executive Director
Ohio ServeOhio
William Hall
Executive Director
Oklahoma Oklahoma Community Service Commission
Melinda Points
Executive Director
Oregon Oregon Volunteers
Kathleen Joy
Executive Director
Pennsylvania PennSERVE: The Governor’s Office of Citizen Service
Maureen Eccleston
Assistant Director
Puerto Rico Comisión de Voluntariado y Servicio Comunitario
María Dolores Toledo Vélez
Executive Director
Rhode Island Serve Rhode Island
Nancy Stetter
Interim Executive Director
South Carolina United Way Association of South Carolina
Brent Kossick
South Dakota South Dakota does not currently have a commission. For information on AmeriCorps grant opportunities in South Dakota, please contact CNCS via email.
Serve South Dakota
Tennessee Volunteer Tennessee
Jim Snell
Executive Director
Texas OneStar Foundation
Elizabeth Darling
Utah Utah Commission on Service & Volunteerism
LaDawn Stoddard
Executive Director
Vermont Vermont Commission on National and Community Service
Philip Kolling
Executive Director
Virgin Islands The Virgin Islands currently doesn't have a commission. For information on AmeriCorps grant opportunities in the Virgin Islands please contact by email.
Virgin Islands Commission
Virginia Office of Volunteerism and Community Service, Virginia Dept. of Social Service
Gail P. Harris
Washington Serve Washington
Debbie Schuffenhauer
Executive Director
West Virginia Volunteer West Virginia
Heather Foster
Executive Director
Wisconsin Serve Wisconsin
Jana Steinmetz
Acting Executive Director
Wyoming ServeWyoming - Wyoming Commission on National and Community Service
Shelly McAlpin
Program Director
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