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Performance and Accountability Reports

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has a deep and ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest levels of accountability in our financial and program operations.  Below are reports that provide specifics on our performance and financial condition in relation to our mission and goals.

FY 2014 Agency Financial Report

The document below follows the reporting requirements under the OMB Pilot Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) process, and, therefore, represents an overall assessment of CNCS’s performance. This report, as well as the agency’s financial statements, auditor’s report, and other accompanying information to address the specialized information needs of some readers, are provided below.

FY 2014 Agency Financial Report (PDF)


Previous Performance and Accountability Reports (PAR)

In previous years, CNCS prepared and submitted the Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) to Congress each year as a single annual report. Those publications follow:

Sustainability Performance Plans

In accordance with Executive Order 13524, CNCS produces a report that assesses the agency’s current practices that promote structural and environmental sustainability. CNCS will continue to promote programs and partnerships that assist communities in preparing for, and recovering from, risks associated with climate change through emergency management support, environmental stewardship, and energy conservation programs. 

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